Things You Should Know About Iced Jewelry

“For me jewelry is a way of keeping memories alive”

Jewelry is so common now days that every single girl is wearing at least a ring or something like that. Jewelry consists of small decorative items which are worn for personal beautification. They comes in different shapes and sizes as per individuals demand.

Iced jewelry is also a type of jewelry used now days this kind of jewelry are made by the combination of gems and the jewelry.

History Of Jewelry

Gemstones and jewelry has been a part of human’s life from the time when the history wasn’t even written. Iced jewelry is also becoming common with time as diamond jewelry is widely available.

Jewelry in the past was made differently as compared to the modern styles however the designs and appearances have also changed. The first ever jewelry to be found in ancient times was about 25000 years ago.

Older history of jewelry also states that it was used to get protection against bad lucks and black magic. Teeth’s of animals and bones were worn as jewelry in older time period as a reward for hunt. Moreover, it was thought be lucky for the person wearing these things.

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Wholesale iced out jewelry is more cheap as these whole sellers sale their products in bunch. Selling in bunch cuts their cost of transportation giving us a relief in the prices. If you want some good jewelry rates you must visit whole selling sites.

Zales is an online jewelry market they are best known for selling iced jewelry or you can say diamond jewelry from years. They provide you the best quality at best rates.

There are different types of jewelry other than iced jewelry. Continue reading if you want to know about them…

Types Of Jewelry

Hip Hop Jewelry                                                                 

Hip hop jewelry is a kind of jewelry which is worn on teethes moreover this trend was started by hip hop artists in New York. Furthermore these types of jewelry styles upgraded and reached almost the whole world like a fire in the forest till 90s.

These jewelry could be covering teethes with gold foil or placing gems between teethes. In older period of time these gems were placed into teethes with painful methods but with modern technology these jewelry styles are just a matter of hours

There are some draw backs to these hip hop jewelry. Drawbacks may include gum diseases tooth decay and many other dental problems. If you want these hip hop jewelry you must take good care of your teeth and must visit the doctor frequently.

Iced Out Pendants

Pendant is driven from a Latin word pendere moreover the meaning of both these words is the hanging down. It is a piece of jewelry with a hoop connected to necklace so that it can hang down easily.

These iced out pendants are known to be the oldest jewelry thing to be worn as an adornment. Pendants can be a good representation of love. Gift pendants to your loved one so that they can be more close to you.

Pendant comes in different designs and in different size. You can also customize your own pendant for example; you can write you name of you can choose anything you want to wear as a pendant.

Shocking Facts About Jewelry

  • South Africa is known to be the biggest supplier of gold in the whole world but it is also surpassed by china.
  • The largest gold solid found weighed about 200 pounds
  • Color of the diamond decides its price per carat the more it is color less the more its price rises.
  • Pure gold is always yellow in order to make it rose gold copper is mixed with it.
  • The oldest pearl was found in a Persia’s king’s coffin that died in about 520 BC.
  • Diamond is a word derived from a Greek word Adamas which means durable and indestructible.
  • Diamonds could be more than three billion years old.
  • The temples in India known as the terupati temples contain about 20 tons of gold. Furthermore they contain about 1oo million rupee of diamond jewelry.
  • Scientists have concluded that about 80% of world’s gold is still buried under ground.
  • Diamonds are made up of 100% carbon.
  • World’s oldest jewelry was about 100,000 years old it was a bead necklace made out of nassarius shells.
  • First ever diamond was mined in India in 18th century followed by bazillions and then the whole world.
  • A mineral called pyrite is also known as fool’s gold because it is similar to gold in appearance.
  • If we go back about 100 years it would be shocking but jade was more required after in engagement ring.

Methods To Check If The Diamond Is Real Or Fake

Particularly there are three methods of testing diamond.

The Fog Test

Fog the diamond with your breath if the fog stays on the diamond for some time surely its fake because original diamonds disperse heat instantly.

The Jeweler Loupe

The jeweler loupe is an object used to check diamonds mostly it is used by jewelers.

Detailed Paper Work

A genuine diamond will always come along with genuine papers stating the amount and other description about the diamond.iced jewelry

Difference Between Jewelry Made In Lab And Naturally Mined Jewelry?

Whether it is lab made or naturally mined jewelry increases your beauty in every mean. There is no such difference in between these two methods of creating gems or gold because both have the same chemical properties.

Are There Any Benefits Of Wearing Iced Jewelry?

Yes, wearing iced jewelry could be beneficial in many ways such as wearing diamond in jewelry is thought to have some healing affects. Moreover use of silver is also beneficial in many ways such as it is good for lessening anger in an individual.

Iced jewelry is becoming common in our generation. Who knows to which extent this fashion will go so just choose wisely when buying these expensive jewelry sets.

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